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Team Design for DevOps and

Effective Software Systems

Practical exercises

The emergence of DevOps highlighted the gap between how software gets developed and how software gets delivered and operated.

For effective software systems we now face the need to organize our teams in ways that maximize throughput but also quality and predictability.

Taking account of Conway’s Law, we look to match the team structures to the required software architecture, enabling or restricting communication and collaboration for the best outcomes.

In this workshop you will learn how to design your organization for DevOps and modern software systems, covering topics such as:

  • fundamental team structures and anti-types;
  • how and when to use them;
  • dynamics of team design and evolution;
  • how to apply team design to maximize DevOps benefits.

On completion of the workshop, you should have a sound understanding of which team structures to apply in different circumstances and why.

Practical exercises

Practical Techniques for Software Releasability

Software Releasability

Learn about proven patterns and practical techniques for ensuring our software is releasable at all times, with a delivery chain that is resilient to disasters, scalable and with minimum time to recover from errors.

Organizations are starting to recognize the need to not only maintain our systems running 24x7 in production but also keeping them releasable to production 24x7.

This means our delivery system needs to follow the same good practices as our software, such as a decoupled architecture, reducing the blast radius of failures, version controlling our configuration (pipeline-as-code), securing secrets, managing tools integration, aggregated logging, monitoring.

Attendees will gain insights into software releasability and why this is important for modern software systems, along with practical experience of techniques to treat our delivery chain as a first class citizen in our value stream, including composing, scaling and monitoring our delivery system.

Based on the book "Team Guide to Software Releasability"

Software Releasability Book

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